Dholera Latest Updates



Dholera's Latest Update: Gujarat's first Vande Metro Train Start From Ahmedabad to Dholera

  • Dholera is rapidly emerging as a major industrial hub, attracting over 100 small and large companies, including Tata and Micron, setting up their facilities in the region.
  • To enhance connectivity, the Centre plans to introduce a Vande Metro service, providing efficient urban commuting up to 250 km, with Dholera falling within its radius.
  • The Vande Metro will prioritize speed and efficiency, with fewer stations between Ahmedabad and Dholera, ensuring faster travel times.
  • Infrastructure development, including highways, airports, schools, hospitals, and hotels, is underway to support Dholera's growth and accommodate the influx of foreign companies and employees.
  • With the proposal sent to the Ministry of Railways and feasibility studies underway, the introduction of the Vande Metro and concurrent infrastructure developments are expected to significantly boost Dholera's development trajectory.