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Glance at Metro and rail

Metro/High Speed rail Project to facilitate movement between Gandhinagar-Ahmedabad.

Phase 1 : Ahmedabad To Gandhinagar

Phase 2 : Ahmedabad to Dholera SIR

In Metro rail the distance between Gandhinagar-Ahmedabad-Dholera is to be covered in two trenches from Gandhinagar to Ahmedabad and from Ahmedabad to Dholera. It is about 100 kms and is proposed as elevated metro. This will provide faster movement and even otherwise important for new international air port. The project is having a longer gestation period and requires to be taken up quickly. The metro is also approved under DMIC master plan by the central govt.

In one of the meetings with secretary DIPP, during his visit to Gandhinagar it was thought of high speed rail corridor on this route. It is related to pre- feasibility study being carried out by the ministry of railways for Pune-Mumbai-Ahmedbad high speed rail corridor. The govt. of Gujarat has requested the MoR to check up the possibility to extend it upto Dholera via GIFT near Gandhinagar.

In the meantime the study work has been assigned to IL&FS by GIDB for Metro rail. In fact on 29th August 2008, GIDB has re-appointed IL&FS Infrastructure development Corporation for undertaking project advisory services for the Ahmedabad Metro project with the scope of services leading to selection of concessionaire. Again, on 1st September 2008, GIDB also appointed Delhi Metro Rail Corporation for consultancy services for preparing the Detailed Project Report for the Ahmedabad Metro Extension from Gandhinagar to GIFT city.

The Government of Gujarat is also keen on considering the high speed rail feasibility study with central government (MoR) and other state provided the same could encompass the Dholera SIR and GIFT region.

A Steering Committee was formed with the approval of honorable Minister of State dated 5th September, 2008 under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary, Urban Development Department to review and monitor the progress of the studies to be carried out for Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project.

In a special meeting held under the chairmanship of PS, UDD, to review the progress of Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project on 15th December, 2008, it was decided to form immediately an SPV under 100% GoG owned Company with initial objectives of land acquisition of the metro corridor, stations and depots, shifting of utilities and interacting with both state as well as central government for finalising funding pattern. A meeting was called under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary (Expenditure), Finance Department to review the structure of SPV. A presentation was done by CEO- GIDB and it was decided to go ahead with the formation of SPV with an initial paid up capital of Rupees 10 Crores and authorised capital of Rupees 200 Crores.

The phase I corridor would include the following routes of 61.55 kms as an elevated metro rail system:

Phase 1
1. APMC/Vasna- Akshardham(Gandhinagar) via Ashram Road, Motera, Koba circle – 32.65 kms
2. Ahmedabad junction – Thaltej via Delhi Darwaja – 10.90 kms.

Phase 1 Extension
1. Koba Circle – GIFT City – Gandhinagar – 10 kms.
2. Koba Circle – Airport – 8 kms

The Latest infrastructural development basking in the limelight is the Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project (MEGA), which has been in planning since over a decade. Finally, the government change and Narendra Modi’s efforts have led to the Union Cabinet approving Rs 10,773 crore for phase I, covering 35.96 km. The route to be built in the first phase will have two corridors, north and south (15.42km) to cover APMC, Vasna to Motera stadium, and east-west (20.54km) from Thaltej Gam to Vastral Gam.

The mega city caught in the whirlwind of development has been facing traffic jams, pollution and hiked fuel prices when it comes to commuting in recent times. The metro rail project confirmation will prove to be a boon to commuters for rapid and safe connectivity at affordable rates while being eco-friendly at the same time.

The recent boost in the Metro-link Express work for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad (MEGA) is likely to accelerate the growth in the realty sector.

A proposal to develop a high speed metro rail that shall pass through Ahmedabad-Dholera-Gandhinagar was submitted under the DMIC master plan and approved by the central government. The project intends to augment the regional connectivity with Gujarat Dholera smart cityand develop a high speed urban transport system that shall links Gujarat to the international airport, urban centres, main railway stations and bus depos of Dholera. Linking up the metro with Dholera international airport shall play a vital role in the success of the airport.

The project shall be divided in two phases with phase 1 connecting Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar while phase 2 shall link Gandhinagar to Dholera Smart city via GIFT city. Spanning 100 kilometers in length, the first phase of the project shall be built over 61.55 kms while the second phase connecting Dholera shall cover the remaining 38.45 kilometers. The following shall be the route map for both phases.

The project shall be developed under complete authority of a special purpose vehicle(GoG owned). This vehicle shall undertake and complete crucial tasks such as acquiring land for development of metro corridor, metro stations and bus stations. It shall also be responsible for seamless shifting of the utilities in a phased manner. The special purpose vehicle has been formed with an initial paid up capital of Rupees 10 Crores and authorized capital of Rupees 200 Crores. The SPV shall also own responsibility of discussing the funding pattern for the project with both state and central government and finalizing it thereafter.

The smart city Dholera Metro project is expected to be a carrier of 80,000 passengers per hour (40,000 in each direction) and 1.70 million commuters are expected to use by the year 2031.

Wrok started Phase 1 : Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar

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